Underwater Inspection, Corrosion Survey and Reporting

Petro-Pride Subsea Limited carry out inspection Corrosion Survey and non-destructive test on pipeline, combination structures e.g. pipeline and manifold, single buoy mooring, jetties and platforms. These are normally supported with technical reports and photographs where environmental condition allows.

Underwater Installation, SBM Maintenance, Salvage and Rescue

PPSL perform installation of offshore subsea hose, floating hoses, anchor chains and pipeline accessories. We carry out Maintenance of SBMs vis-à-vis greasing and examination of grease for wear particles, mooring ropes checks and changing, hoses, tuggers and other associated structures. Salvage and rescue of marine vessels form an integral part of Petro-Pride Subsea Limited business.

Underwater Welding and Cutting

PPSL provides underwater welding with or without a habitat. And our oxy arc equipment is used for underwater burning/cutting.

Underwater Cleaning

With the aid of multi-purpose machines and hand tools, PPSL perform underwater cleaning of platform in other to free them of barnacle, marine growths and other fouling agents.