Company Expectations
PPSL expects all their employees to be dutiful, diligent and ambitious. The target should always be to contribute in raising the bar in improving and taking the company to another level. Employees should be ready to accept new challenges in the cause of their career development.

Integrity of employees is taken seriously at PPSL and all employees are expected to choose the course of the highest integrity. We value result oriented employees but we also care on how the results are achieved. We respect the belief (Religious or Traditional) of our employees and we obey the norms and abide by the ethics of the environment that we operate.   

PPSL respects and comply with all Government applicable laws of the environment we operate and in turn expect all our employees to stay in line by abiding to all local, state and federal governing laws.

No employee is permitted to receive, offer, pay, promise to pay, authorize payment of money or other form of enticement with corrupt intent to obtain or provide business benefit from or to either internal or external parties, group or individual.  All corrupt practices that cannot be handled internally within the company will be handed over to the local law enforcement authority.