PETRO-PRIDE SUBSEA LIMITED has been involved with Air Diving projects in Nigeria since 2008 to date. PPSL has a team of qualified local and expert divers of different categories who are capable to deliver any applicable work scope as may be presented by a potential client. So far we have successfully completed several shallow and deep sea air diving operations within West African sea waters for different clients.

PPSL have in their collections of tools and equipments certified modernĀ  air diving equipment systems which can cover any form of air diving work scope that may be required by a client. These equipments include containerized Umbilical hoses, dive panels, CCTV units, communication systems, underwater cameras/light and other diving accessories attached to each of the containerized systems. These containerised systems with HP compressors and LP compressors attached to each are equipped with a decompression chamber which is equipped with a medical lock.


PETRO-PRIDE SUBSEA LIMITED as a total marine solutions provider also has a saturation diving capability. With our saturation divers who are drawn from local and expat qualified and certified divers, PPSL is capable of delivering quality saturation diving without any safety breach. We have operated with a record on safety of our personnel and equipment for as long as our formation.

Our range of saturation diving equipments include: Saturation diving system of several depth ranges which are equipped with Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber Facilities. Our saturation systems are equipped with divergas reclaim systems and is configured for easy mobilization and commissioning to different work sites and can support 24 hours diving operations.